Pacific Ethanol sells all co-products produced by the Pacific Ethanol bio refineries. In the dry mill facilities, after grain starch is converted to ethanol through fermentation, the remaining nutrients - including proteins, fats, fiber, minerals and vitamins - are concentrated into distiller grains, a medium-protein feed for dairy and beef cattle. Wet distillers grains (WDG) have a high digestibility and energy content that yields greater milk production and better feed conversions than most other products. Pacific Ethanol plants are strategically located near dairies and feedlots and able to sell WDG directly to those users in the heart of the livestock industries of California, Oregon, Idaho and Nebraska. All Pacific Ethanol facilities produce corn oil, which is sold into feed markets as well as feedstock markets for biodiesel production. And at the wet mill in Pekin, Illinois, the feed components of the corn are separated out prior to fermentation and produce valuable animal feed products for sales into national and international markets. These include wet and dry corn gluten feed, condensed distillers solubles (CDS), corn gluten meal, corn germ, and food-grade yeast. All the co-products are further described below.

Corn Gluten Meal

Corn gluten meal is used primarily as a protein source in poultry, livestock rations, fish and pet foods because it supplies vitamins, minerals and energy. Pet food processors value it for its high digestibility and low residue, and it is also a good source of xanthophylls for use in broiler and layer rations.

Corn Gluten Feed

Corn Gluten feed is a product containing primarily fiber and associated starch and steep water. Available as regular feed wet and dry, it is a fine flake product. It is used in poultry, livestock rations, fish and pet foods.

Corn Condensed Distillers Solubles (CCDS)

A palatable, free-flowing, energy and protein source for cattle, corn condensed distillers solubles is a product from the fermentation of corn starch produced by the corn wet milling process to ethanol. Because of its high-energy content, natural protein and palatability, CCDS fits into a large number of feeding programs. CCDS remains fluid at a wide range of temperatures and mixes well with silage or dry feeds.

Corn Germ

Through the wet milling process Pacific Ethanol separates off the germ of the corn kernel and sends it to third parties for further processing into corn oil and corn germ meal.

Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) / Wet Distillers Grains with Solubles (WDGS)

Wet or Dry it is a co-product of the dry mill ethanol process. DGS is a medium-protein and high-energy ingredient consisting of a grain fraction and whole stillage from the yeast fermentation of grain to ethanol. It contains numerous nutritional qualities, valuable for a variety of animal species.

Distillers Corn Oil

Extracted from the thin stillage in dry corn milling process distillers corn oil provides a valuable source of energy that can be utilized in ruminant and monogastric diets. Distillers corn oil is also used as a feed stock for biodiesel production.


Yeast if extracted from a the starch stream in the wet mill, processed, dried, bagged and sold for animal, pet and human food applications and is AIB food grade and also Kosher certified. Learn more about our Yeast operation


Pacific Ag also sells raw CO2, another co-product of ethanol production, for processing into liquid CO2 and dry ice.

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